COP26 is the make-or-break event for climate change that will dictate the course of global action for the next 5–10 years. It is the 26th annual UN-led gathering of political powers to discuss climate change. The conference exists to increase ambition on climate action and keep powerful people accountable for their environmental goals.

COP21 yielded the well-known Paris Climate Agreement. This year is the opportunity for nations to decide to drive real action towards mitigating the threats of global climate change.

“The Most Important Event of the Year” is a bold claim. Allow me to provide some supporting evidence:

  1. Climate…

I was a competitive jump roper throughout high school (yes, it’s a real thing). I was pretty good at it. I won a lot, held provincial records, and travelled the world to represent Team Canada for three years.

The biggest contributing factor towards winning was simple and obvious: Caring. I cared about the sport, and I cared to be the best. That’s what fueled the hard work, time commitment, thoughtfulness and “talent”.

However, a problem arose when I started to care too much about the wrong things. When I turned 15, I started caring about how my performance would make…

As someone born at the dawn of the 21st century, I’ve seen the world uncover, deny, accept, deny again, protest, and fail to act on climate change. Aside from personal projects, I’ve largely been a spectator waiting for a hero to solve this impending crisis. However, the longer I wait, the more I realize that very few people out of our 7.5 billion are willing to drive meaningful change.

Currently, humans emit around 51 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually. By 2050, we must drive this number down to zero to avoid an unthinkable climate disaster. This will…

Earlier this week, I gained a surprising insight during a family dinner-table conversation.

One of my dad’s co-workers, whom I know quite well, is dyslexic. I’ve always known this about him but didn’t quite understand the severity of the condition, “because of spell check, Brandon’s emails are actually pretty good” my dad explained, “but a whiteboard is his Achilles heel. It’s absolute gibberish when he gets up there. Don’t even ask him to spell the word ‘cake’”.

Brandon is smart and quite successful. In his early 20's, he took a low-paying job in a Michigan automotive factory. A few years…

I put my finger in a blender when I was 12-years-old.

(Don’t worry, the rest of this article won’t be as absolutely revolting as that quick memo)

But anyway, yeah, I stuck my finger in a blender. It hurt. A nice nurse sewed it back on.

I don’t tell this to many people because it’s rather confusing. After a shudder, they usually say something like:

“Hey Cassia, why did you put your finger in a blender?”

Frankly… I don’t know. What business does my finger have in there? What kind of ego was I carrying around that suggested my finger…

When I was 9-years-old, I discovered the sport of competitive jump rope. Since then, I’ve won provincial and national championships, held national records and competed for Team Canada all over the world. Needless to say, I really like to skip.

When I tell people that I jump rope competitively, there are 4 universal responses I receive that can be almost 100% accurately broken down by demographic:

Teenagers: “That’s… cool?”

40+ year-old women: “I used to do that all the time on the playground!”

30+ year-old people: “I’ve heard that’s great for cardio!”

People who really just don’t understand: “Can you…

The world’s first lab-grown steak was produced last December by an Isreali company, Aleph Farms. Despite costing $50 and being only 5mm thick, food critics were pleasantly surprised by the familiar taste, texture and smell of the meat that was almost indistinguishable from farmed beef.

The world’s first lab-grown steak… the size of a credit card

It was an amazing accomplishment, but the first lab-grown burger was made in 2013. That means there was a 5-year gap between the making of the first cultured burger and making a cultured steak. As improbable as that seems, this time gap makes sense; growing a cultured steak is very difficult.

Compared to ground beef…

In the early 1930s, Australia’s sugar cane crops were being destroyed by large populations of cane beetles. In an attempt to stop these crop-eating bugs, hundreds of cane toads were shipped to Queensland in hopes that they would hunt the beetles. Not only did these poisonous toads devour the bugs, but thrived in the Australian ecosystem. Their population grew rapidly and soon became an annoying pest that still puts native animals, plants and even the Australian people in danger.

They even made a documentary about how much these toad’s suck

Ah, the irony. The animal that was introduced to remove pests from their society became one of their most dangerous and…

Three years ago I went to the Bahamas to do a marine research project and preferably get a nice tan. Somehow, I returned from the trip a vehement environmentalist and vegetarian. If I’m being honest, the vegetarian part didn’t last long. However, my passion for the environment stuck and I have gone 3 years without eating a single bite of beef.

Now, I’m not exactly your typical animal lover. I’ve never had a soft spot for pets nor do I enjoy when dogs come too close to me. I’m also not a believer that a vegetarian diet is necessarily a…

Last year I went scuba diving in the Dominican Republic. It was fun and mind-blowing and I almost crapped myself every time a fish bigger than my thumb came within a 20-meter radius. I got to see an ecosystem that is vastly underexplored and grossly underappreciated by most of society. It was sick.

Cassia Attard

Hey, I’m Cassia! I’m a 19 y/o starting a climate action company. In high school, I worked on climate tech projects like nanotech solar panels and lab-grown meat

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